We are very proud to have international partners that teamed up with us in order to provide tools, knowledge and concepts to manage and monitor your success.

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Brands Lab International

Brand Management & Branded Real Estate


Headquartered in Florida, USA, and with offices in Europe, BLI is the premier brand management company , acting as a bridge between world-class brands, investors and well-established real estate developers worldwide. BLI is uniquely positioned with its vast network and cutting-edge consolidation of services to provide unprecedented and unparalleled execution for high-class branded real estate, including hospitality and residential projects. 

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Guest Intelligence Tools


RVS is delighted to be an official partner of ReviewPro as it is paramount for all upmarket hospitality business to understand guest expectations and improving the guest experience on all levels. The feedback and communication software solutions provided by ReviewPro are state-of-the-art and deliver data which is very valuable for the work of RVS consultants.

RVS Hotel Consultants - Emanuel Schreiner

EYOS Expeditions

Expeditions & Yacht Operations


On private expeditions to Antarctica, Papua New Guinea or another remote area of our planet, EYOS facilitates the right private yacht, sets the course and brings scientific and operationally experienced expedition leaders on board. We are proud to have such a highly specialized partner for exclusive maritime adventures.

RVS Hotel Consultants - Emanuel Schreiner

CSC - Christian Schweinzer Consulting

Hospitality Recruiter & Manager Search


Christian Schweinzer and his team dedicate themselves to finding and liaising hospitality staff globally. We enjoy working with CSC as they follow their candidates on throughout their careers which enables them to match mangement vacancies with the right candidates in every case so far.

RVS Hotel Consultants - Emanuel Schreiner

Butler Bureau

Butler Training & Placing


Mag. Claudia Schlegel created the Butler Bureau in Vienna, Austria, to educate exclusive household personnel and thus cater to the growing market for butlers and household managers. As a well-connected entrepreneur, Claudia and RVS occasionally have the opportunity to work on projects together.

RVS Hotel Consultants - Emanuel Schreiner

Tourism Schools Bad Gleichenberg

Hospitality Education


The Tourism Schools in Bad Gleichenberg, Austria, are globally renowned for its high level of hospitality education. Offering students of various ages and nationalities a broad palette of courses, this school and its college have yielded some of the world's bests leaders and entrepreneurs in the travel and hospitality industry. 

RVS Hotel Consultants - Emanuel Schreiner

Cruise Ship Academy

Hospitality Training for the Cruise Industry


The Cruise Ship Academy (CSA) is an RVS spin-off, catering to the ever-growing cruise industry and its high demand of specialized service trainings and management courses. The focus is on developing the next generation of guest service managers for various departments and to implement and train upscale service standards.

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