We enable hospitality teams and organizations worldwide to create and deliver purposeful experiences.

Emanuel Schreiner, Founder and CEO

Uniting top luxury hospitality professionals to provide tailor-made consulting and white-label management solutions for upscale hospitality operations.

Founded in 2015 by Emanuel Schreiner with the vision to create and shape upmarket hospitality products by uniting the top consultants of the luxury hospitality world, RVS Hospitality strives to enable and inspire hospitality talents and teams worldwide to grow and to create purposeful experiences.

RVS is short for the former aristocratic name of Emanuel's family, Ritter von Schreiner, the RVS logo derives from the family crest. Emanuel grew up in a large patchwork family with distinct family values like creativity, tradition, respect, or craftsmanship, and with his parents working in the arts of music, painting and pottery, the house has also been a place for various gatherings, providing hospitality and kindness to every of the countless visitors.

Emanuel has been learning from some of the best hospitality mentors and leaders before making his own vision become reality by forming the RVS network and now being able to provide mentorship and growth for hospitality brands and talents.

As we are putting each client and the individual project requirements at the center of our work and operations, RVS Hospitality is committed to the following service values.


Excellence is the principle of every step of our work.

  • As consultancy we are expected and prepared to provide luxury hospitality knowledge and insights. We therefore are commited to life-long learning, constant exchange with industry leaders, teachers and researchers, keeping ourselves up-to-date on the latest developments and trends.
  • Service excellence is reflected in our communication, in delivering our consulting and training services, as well as in providing reports and documentation.


Creating the best value for the client while maintaining our resources.

  • Establishing a strategic approach with clear goals for all projects, defining paramters and stakeholder responsibilities, as well as structuring the workflow and processes, ensuring an efficient exceution through cross-checks and proportionality.


Our services and consulting teams are as individual as our clients’ requirements and needs. Therefore, we do not offer off-the-rack solutions.

  • First, we always seek to understand and get a clear picture of our clients' vision, to be able to provide exclusive consulting and management solutions.
  •  RVS-crafted concepts and solutions are unique to each project, contributing to its USP.


We ensure our servcice has a lasting effect and our business relationships, too.

  • As a service value, we implement sustainability by planning and respecting the resources utilized, and by providing solutions that enable the teams to continue indepently. 
  • With our extended network of industry partners we are well-equipped to provide our clients with further tools and support, from recruitment to software and quaity assurance.
  • We are not meant for quick fixes, we are thinking long-term also in our business relations.