We are very proud to have international partners that teamed up with us in order to provide tools, knowledge and concepts to manage and monitor your success.

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Positive Luxury

ESG+ Assessment & Certification for Luxury


Since 2020, RVS partners with Positive Luxury who's mission is to shape a sustainable future for luxury by powering the Butterfly Mark, the only assessment and certification programme designed specifically for the luxury industry, including hospitality. Positive Luxury created ESG+, a proprietary sustainability assessment for the luxury industry with a unique focus on innovation. Organizations that meet the necessary high standards receive The Butterfly Mark certification, a globally respected trust mark that is evidence of their positive impact on nature and society. RVS is part of the Positive Luxury Impact Network.

RVS Hotel Consultants - Emanuel Schreiner


Guest Intelligence Tools


RVS is delighted to be an official partner of ReviewPro as it is paramount for all upmarket hospitality business to understand guest expectations and improving the guest experience on all levels. The feedback and communication software solutions provided by ReviewPro are state-of-the-art and deliver data which is very valuable for the work of RVS consultants.

RVS Hotel Consultants - Emanuel Schreiner

Les Clefs d'Or®

International Concierge Association


RVS Hospitality is Elite Partner of Les Clefs d'Or Austria, part of the Union Internationale des Concierges d'Hôtels (UICH), the professional association of hotel concierges with approximately 4,000 members working in over 80 countries and 530 destinations, in luxury hotels and resorts in literally every corner of the world. The concierges' credo is "service through friendship".

RVS Hotel Consultants - Emanuel Schreiner

BPA - Branded Property Advisory

Branded Real Estate Agency


With international offices, BPA is a dedicated boutique brand advisory company, specializing in bespoke real estate developements for high-end lifesytle brands worldwide. Established with a long history in prime real estate, BPA has been directly involved with developments in the USA, the Middle East and South-East Asia.

RVS Hotel Consultants - Emanuel Schreiner

Tourism Schools Bad Gleichenberg

Hospitality Education


The Tourism Schools in Bad Gleichenberg, Austria, are globally renowned for its high level of hospitality education. Offering students of various ages and nationalities a broad palette of courses, this school and its college have yielded some of the world's bests leaders and entrepreneurs in the travel and hospitality industry. 

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