Because we believe that our shared expertise advances your hospitality operations and teams.

Why luxury hospitality operations need RVS now more than ever

Especially independent luxury boutique hotels are facing numerous challenges besides the global crisis during and after the pandemic.

The global hotel construction pipeline in mid 2021 was at 13,420 projects and more than 2 million new hotel rooms. The projected increase of new hotels opening generates a higher competition. In addition, large hotel operators continue to introduce new hotel sub-brands.

Data indicates it will take three years for the hotel industry to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2022, revenues are projected to grow by 20% and reach $342.6Bn, $1.3bn less than in 2017. Hospitality workers have been laid off and with the industry coming back slowly, it his hard to hire enough talents to fill the open positions.

Hoteliers now

  • need to compete for fewer travelers - a task at the top of every hotelier’s priority list;
  • retain, hire and train new staff;
  • optimize the operations to improve cost efficiency and profits;
  • need to devote time to analyze the challenges of the operations and restrictions, while actually the day-to-day operations take up all the time;
  • require more expertise or resources to remain competitive in a completely changed tourism landscape, whether it be for a full hotel turnaround, professional guidance in luxury hotel positioning, management, or operations.

We are the partner you are looking for.

Let us match your needs with one or more of our trusted luxury hospitality consultants!

The hospitality consultants at RVS - in 2020 named ‘Hospitality Consultants of the Year’ - are essential in forming operational teams and creating unique hospitality experiences, as well as hotel and residential projects for lifestyle brands outside the hotel industry (so-called non-hotelier brands) as part of the customer experience diversification. We complement the work of design and marketing agencies by including the individual value philosophy, service culture and destination esprit, designing and implementing the ultimate guest experience with the talents and teams on site.

Each of our consultant has a niche set of skills in the hospitality industry, allowing you to find the expert of your needs so you can grow your business and keep it on track. Our strong and diverse experiences paired with a deep knowledge of the global tourism market and the individual cultures of the sophisticated travelers make RVS a high-caliber partner in luxury hospitality.

Acting as strategic partner, RVS looks at the long-term success of upmarket hospitality businesses, establishing longstanding client relationships, continuously contributing to up-to-date guest experiences.

With the broad knowledge and capabilities available within our company, and our members’ diverse locations around the world, RVS can quickly identify a single professional or assemble a multi-disciplinary task force with the skill set and experience to effectively tackle any industry-related assignment.

For each project the team of consultants is composed individually, matching our clients' original ideas and requirements; to create an exhaustive brand concept with a unique story; and to design unparalleled experiences for guests and staff alike; to provide state-of-the-art trainings for your teams, in line with your brand standards.

To broaden our minds and implement best practices in our processes and projects, we are constantly studying the work and techniques of various industry leaders, from airlines and animation studios to industrial designers and artisans, aiming at setting new trends rather than following them.