Whether it is creating the epitome of one's lifework, diversification of a lifestyle brand, or an extraordinary prestige asset, the RVS consultants are fundamental in building and shaping the success of the world's most luxurious hospitality products and unique guest experiences. 

RVS Hotel Consultants - Concept Development

The destination of your imagination.

RVS acts as strategic partner who seeks to understand your vision and supports the developments towards a one-of-a-kind lifestyle brand, making imagination become reality. We advise on hotel, resort and residential projects.

The luxury hospitality consultants at RVS are fundamental in creating brands that include the value philosophy, service culture and destination esprit - more than just a good corporate design and marketing strategy.

For all our branding projects we work together with hand-picked creative and marketing agencies, architects and designers to forge a unique story that is told consistently through all areas.

We believe that a hotel's location, design and facilities are just as essential as its service concept, guest experience and the people caring for your guests. We therefore equip the service teams with all necessary guidance, standards and trainings which are not off the rack, but individually crafted newly for each project and influenced by the hotel's destination, vision and values.

Among our consultants' references are LVMH's Cheval Blanc hotels, the luxury residential vessel The World, or independent boutique hotels like The Nautilus Maldives or Iconic Santorini.

RVS Hotel Consultants - Concept Development

Service Concepts & Luxury Standards

Based on guest expectations, the culture of the destination and in line with your brand's hallmarks, RVS creates customized service concepts for the rooms division, F&B outlets, spa and wellbeing, and back-of-house operations.

Service concepts and standards are designed with the specific resources and possibilities in mind, focusing on maximum guest satisfaction as well as operational efficiency, and are implemented in form of SOPs and trainings.

RVS Hotel Consultants - Concept Development

Ultimate Guest Experiences

The brand's lifestyle is carried through the hotel the guests stay in. RVS has remarkable knowledge in designing and branding the guest journey from long before the check-in, throughout the stay, and beyond the farewell.

Besides a generally high service standard, our consultants are essential in forging special guest experiences that add immense value to the guest's perception of the stay and the brand, too. It is about writing a new chapter in your brand's story book.

Every interaction, in any form,

is branding.

Seth Godin